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Software for Web Portal
July, 12th 2006 Released 3.02.01 Fix
This is a bug-fix release for customer that use MySQL Server Linux database. Same name of field will be case sensistive wrong format. Bug Fixed.
This release is 3.02 family registration key. If you have registration key for 3.02 release you can apply also to this 3.02.01 release.

Febrary, 10th 2006. Released 3.01

Newness and Bug Fix of the Release 3.01
- Browsing of the Files. Implemented the possibility of take place the upload more files simultaneously.
- Manager of the Download. In phase of creation or he modifies of a download, after have selected a file, he comes recognized automatically the dimension in bytes.
- Planned Setting.txt the limits of largeness in MB of the briefcase /media and of the MySQL database. Useful characteristic for the ISP that they resell services with limits placed in MB on the web or on the database mysql.

Parameters[ OPTIONS] in the setting.txt

  1. Filesize: he indicates the maximum dimension (in MEGA) attainable from the briefcase` media'
  2. MySQLsize: he indicates the maximum dimension (in MEGA) attainable from the principal database (MainDatabase)
    The values of default of these two parameters are setting to 0. That points out that he won't come effected any control on the dimensions. The control of these two parameters comes effected immediately after the logon from part of an ADMIN user. If one of the two sizes comes exceeded a message will appear in which you are invited to contact the administrator of the system. The Access to the administrative area of the portal will have denied up to when they won't have reduced the sizes under the maximum threshold or up to when mailed greater limits in the line won't come [setting.txt]

- Manager of the users. Correct error in phase of cancellation of an user.
- Public Area, Forum of Discussion. Correct Bug. An User that has inserted a post in a discussion doesn't can more cancel it, despite I am existing the button of cancellation.
- Public Area, Directory of Download. Fixed graphic Bug emphasized in the case in which he comes shown a [directory] on which authorizations of [list] (Visualization of the Title) are had only.
- Public Area, Loading Caused Shop in Categories. Correct Bug. Trying to load new products in an under-category the visualization edged of the categories you inherit not proper the same name of the category father. Fixed Bug.

The speed that you can publish information to your internet site is the winning element for your online business. Store Portal is the solution. Media Online Italia has created the first internet portal that can be totally configured by the user. The contents of the web pages can be modified rapidly and by several users at the same time with a simple click. Store Portal is a modular, Server software, developed for working in a business environment, and in a multi-user mode. It manages the information; and allows rapid deployment of electronic commerce on your site, Powerful archiving features enable documents and files to be shared with other users. Store Portal manages the following languages currently.

Rss If you subscrive the News of Store Portal by RSS will have brought up-to-date in real time on all the new release available and relative characteristics. The RSS service is accessible you through a free program for Windows or Mac. Installed the program, you can copy the existing link on the image key "RSS" and paste it in the program; you will have immediate agreed to all the information. Store Portal creates and updates the RSS news in real time, without any additional intervention.

It is possible translate the software in a simple way also from the consumer. Is opened the subscription to the Translators Team, a free licensed full module with free support to the members is offered.

Store Portal is software that enables rapid development of sophisticated web-portals. It stores the entire site data from the webmaster on database. Store Portal works with MySQL Server for Windows or MySQL Server for Linux, through the MyODBC. Store Portal is also tested Microsoft Access (c) and Microsoft SQL Server (C)

Believe us: it is as simple as a Click!

Editor Modifying the contents of a portal created with Store Portal is really simple. Just enter your site admin login and password to enter the editing mode of your own internet site. To modify the web pages, Store Portal possesses a graphical editor that requires no knowledge of HTML.

To access the document to be modified you simply click on the portal content itself, without having to go through complicated searches. Our advice is to try it out live on our internet site under “Demo”.